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Gulf Coast Data Services
My name is Barbara H. Neal.  I provide information management services through database programming and business and technical writing.  I have been in business since 2001.  I have almost 20 years experience designing, developing and documenting data programs and business process solutions.

My typical client is a business manager who wants to better utilize important information and streamline procedures.

I help my customers by creating easy-to-use programs and documents according to their particular requirements.  I specialize in converting data from existing programs to meaningful reports and presentations, or printed material to various electronic formats.  I can also send data from one computer program to another - either one time or as an ongoing automated procedure.

How am I different from my competitors?  I am not trying to sell you hardware or software products.  My motivation is to help you survive the information age.

Why should you refer to me?  I will listen to your needs and only suggest workable solutions to your problems.  If my service is not the solution for you, I will tell you up front and at no charge.  I will gladly refer you to someone I know can help you.

Business hours:
Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm CST
Or other times by appointment.

Specializing in Data Conversion whether Electronic to print, Print to electronic, or Between various Electronic formats and platforms.
Gulf Coast Data Services                            Barbara H. Neal
20540 DuBose Road
Summerdale, AL 36580
(251) 979-3114
Helping You Survive the Information Age at a Price You Can Afford